LOTTE makes it all different.

IMG_9454Lotte Group has aimed at enriching people by its excellence on businesses throuout the wide range of industry fields.

Particulary, Lotte E&C’s output, from Lotte World to Lotte Department Stores and Lotte Hotels are proof of its unrivaled effort in understanding human living and space. LOTTE has been well known as high-end real estate brand by most of people since it represented luxury housing brand Lotte Castle for the first time in Korea, 2002.

SIGNIEL RESIDENCES®’s residents also will get benefits that LOTTE GROUP provides.
Residents can use global hotel chain, SIGNIEL SEOUL │LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL │LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN │LOTTE HOTEL JEJU │LOTTE HOTEL MOSOW LOTTE HOTEL HANOI LOTTE NEWORK PALACE, at free or for special prices. Especially, SIGNIEL SEOUL(LOTTE WORLD TOWER 76F-101F)’s swimming pool, sauna and other facilities are always open to residents and also can be usded at exclusively discounted price.

LOTTE DEPARTMENT STORE and LOTTE DUTY FREE treat residents for VVIP/LVIP level of customers and offer many complimentary services as well.