SIGNIEL RESEDENCES │Homes are completed by Incredible World-class Designers

Obviously, SIGNIEL RESIDENCES’s all units feature perfect finishes that boast most enriched lifestyle(SIGNIEL RESIDENCES interior).

Basically, each home is stylishly furnished with elegant interiors. Specifically, fittings are high-end degree with imported marble floor tiles or glass and finest natural wood.

At the same time, designers make it restrained. In that reason, residents can integrate their personal color, fabric, furniture and decorating requirements to suit their personal tastes.

Moreover, pragmatic spaces complete chic urban life style. Notably, It also instills the values of composure of oriental and contemporary features.  For example, Hinoki bathtub made of 200-years old wood is oriental-inspired.

world class interior disigner

Actually, three eminent interior Master Designers – KIM BAIK SUN, BAE DAE YANG, CHOI SI YOUNG, who had developed their world-class careers, have been responsible for the interior design. Addition to this, elaborate Smart-One-Pass key holder designed by celebrated leather designer, Davide Albertario, is a subtle detail, yet classy enough to let luxe spirit soar.

signiel residences inside
SIGNIEL RESIDENCES inside looks / photoⓒLOTTE


inside looks/ photoⓒLOTTE
seoul real estate investment 2
SIGNIEL RESIDENCES interior design / photoⓒLOTTE
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interior design / photoⓒLOTTE



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