Luxury Apartment SEOUL │ Panoramic View Spread Horizontally : That Goes beyond Expectations

Many of our luxury apartments have SEOUL city or SEOUL park views. However, the rarity to provide an ideal combination of city and nature views together is a uniquely sought after investment.

SIGNIEL RESIDENCES’s each living space provides the highest location with the addition of high glass walls allowing captivating views. Hence, residents can expect their home with fabulous backdrops in their daily life. Moreover, the cinematic view of sunrise to sunset greatly enhances the dramatic day-to-night scene of the home, offering a level of class second to none.

luxury apartment seoul.jpg
luxury apartment in SEOUL / photo ⓒLOTTE 
seoul real eatate investment.jpg
real estate investment – SIGNIEL RESIDENCES SEOUL – / photo ⓒCENTURY 21 KOREA
seoul property invest.jpg
property investment – SIGNIEL RESIDENCES SEOUL – / photo ⓒCENTURY 21 KOREA

As it is a highest sky-scrapper in SEOUL – SIGNIEL RESIDENCES is in 42F-71F -, it neglects lower buildings. Since it overlooks lower buildings, it delivers beautiful distant views of river and waves of mountain ranges around the city instead. In that reason, SIGNIEL RESIDENCES naturally evoke the sort of calm, elegant and surreal mood of an oriental landscape painting that can be found in a masterpiece at a gallery.

These magical views will be another perfect reason why people say living at SIGNIEL RESIDENCES is dreamlike that they can never experience anywhere else.

luxurious house
City & River view Apartment – SIGNIEL RESIDENCES SEOUL -/ photo ⓒCENTURY 21 KOREA

SEOUL SKY Observatory (117F-123F) is also always ready to offer a panoramic view of the entire capital city at a glance showing off the expanse of Seoul. Indeed, its nightscape is a true beauty to behold.

seoul highest sky-scrapper.jpg
SEOUL’s highest sky-scrapper – SEOUL SKY Observatory (117F-123F) ⓒLOTTE
seoul river view apartment.jpg
SEOUL river-view apartment ⓒLOTTE




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